What Is Women's Health Physical Therapy

You may have heard of Women's Health Physical Therapy, but what is it and is it something you could benefit from?

Women's Health Physical Therapy is a form of physical rehabilitation designed specifically to help women's bodies function properly and pain free with a conservative approach. This form of specialty therapy utilizes modalities and exercises that target the musculature that keeps our bodies healthy, functioning properly, and pain free.

In many countries, seeing a physical therapist before and after giving birth is the norm. Why? Because Women's Health Physical Therapists are trained to know the proper methods to restore a woman's core and pelvic floor. Maybe you pee when you laugh or sneeze. Maybe you feel like your core will never be the same after childbirth. These are things we've been led to believe are just what we have to live with, as a normal part of aging or our postpartum bodies. This is not the case.

By receiving this kind of therapy, from a specialized therapist, women can prevent or reverse incontinence, pelvic pain, back pain, diastasis recti (the separating of the abdomen that makes it nearly impossible to have a flat tummy), and much more.

Wondering if Women's Health Physical Therapy could help you? Check out our website, www.atlastherapy.com, or give us a call. Atlas Therapy has therapists in both Altoona and State College, specifically trained and educated to serve Women's Health needs.

Kait Bovard

This article was written by Kait Bovard, CES, and was originally published in the Altoona Mirror's Health & Wellness issue from May 2nd, 2019.

Kait Bovard is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, with a master's in Exercise Science. She began working at Atlas Therapy in Altoona as a gym tech and physician liaison, upon completing her graduate program in 2017. Kait has continued course work in Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise to better serve Atlas Therapy's Women's Health patients.

Kait lives in Altoona with her family. She is involved in the local soccer community, coaching a youth club team. She also serves on the Penn State Altoona Alumni Society Board of Directors. Kait is passionate about the outdoors, her 3 dogs (two pugs and a French bulldog), coffee, and her family.