New Year, New Me?

Everyone always makes huge new year's resolutions to lose weight or get healthier but end up failing, falling back into old habits, or even gaining more weight due to binge eating.

Well, here are some tips and tricks to keep you on the right track!!!

1.) Make a series of SMALL goals. Set your sight on losing something like 10lbs in 2 months instead of 60lbs throughout the year. Healthy maintainable weight loss is usually 1-2 lbs per week. When you do this, you make realistic goals. Expecting too much of yourself will leave you disappointed making you quit when you don't reach that 20lbs mark in 2 months.

2.) Don't skip meals/starve yourself. Instead graze every 2-3 hrs on small health snacks around 100cals to keep your metabolism working. When you skip meals, you are actually slowing your metabolism, making it clinge to fat due to fear of starvation.

3.) Substitute food: instead of pastas try jasmine rice/zucchini noodles/spaghetti squash etc. Food such as these don't spike your insulant levels causing you to crash thus leading to craving sweets/junk food.

4.) Eat PROTEIN: higher protein diets curve appetite, and increase metabolism. For every pound of lean body weight, you should eat .5 to 1gram of protein.

5.) MOVE!!! Our bodies were made to move. Just 30 mins of moderate intense movement a day has been proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition to lowering your risks for chronic diseases, as well as, boosts your energy. Exercise boosts circulation, muscle strength, and endorphin production, helping your body work more efficiently

6.) Don't get caught up with numbers on the scale. The scale is only a tool. Our bodies can recomp, meaning as we lose fat, we can replace it with muscle. So while the scale isn't changing, your body definitely is. Go off of body measurements, and how your clothes are fitting. More muscle burns more calories while the body is at rest.

7.) Last but not least. DO NOT quit on yourself. Lifestyle changes are just that, a lifestyle!! They are slow progressions that take time when done properly. Stay positive, love your body, and keep going.