Spring Clean Up Advice

It is that time of year when the sun is out, temperatures rise and all of the snow has melted. This makes spirits rise, people have more energy and spend more time outdoors being active. This time of the year also means time to clean up the yard from the mess left from winter. After a long winter where most of us were less active than in the warmer months of the year, here are some recommendations to help avoid injuries while completing some spring clean-up tasks

  • It is a good idea to warm up before rushing right into yard work. Stretch your major muscle groups in your legs, back, arms and neck to reduce risk of injury. Taking a short walk around the yard will also help to increase blood flow and get your ready for your yard work.

  • Alternating tasks will help to reduce your risk of injury. Instead of trying to rake the whole yard in one day, or turn-over the entire garden in a day,instead do sections on multiple days. This goes for any task that will take long periods of time to complete. Reducing time with repetitive motion tasks will help to avoid injuries such as tendonitis or mm strains.

  • Be aware of your posture and body mechanics. Maintain the best posture you can to avoid excessive strain on your neck and back. Lift with your legs and carry objects as close to your body as possible. Keep your feet and shoulders aligned with any twisting or rotating movements. Push and pull using your body weight not just your arms.

  • As always stay hydrated when working outside especially when in the sun for extended periods.

  • Use ice and moist heat to decrease pain and tension after work activities.

Hopefully these suggestions will help to minimalize the pain with spring clean-up. Take your time and enjoy the nice weather. If you would sustain a injury while completing your spring clean up tasks contact us at Atlas Therapy so we can help you get back to finishing that spring clean-up list.