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Pre-Operative Rehab

Pre-Operative Therapy = Therapy BEFORE a surgical procedure.

Being scheduled for surgery requires a lot of preparation. One challenge that comes with a surgery is often the unknown of "after". How will I feel? What will I be able to do? Will I need therapy? A Pre-Operative (pre-op) appointment at Atlas Therapy can help eliminate your fears and help you prepare for, and make the best of, life after surgery.

"Researchers believe that the benefit of preoperative physical therapy was derived mostly from the way it prepared patients for postoperative rehabilitation. In most instances studied, they write, preoperative physical therapy was limited to 1 or 2 sessions, which "suggests that the value of preoperative physical therapy was primarily due to patient training on postoperative assistive walking devices, planning for recovery, and managing patient expectations, and not from multiple intensive training sessions to develop strength and range of motion."
Insert from American Physical Therapy Association, PT In Motion News.

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What does a pre-op appointment look like?

You’ll meet with a Physical Therapist, one-on-one, to review your upcoming surgery. Your therapist will personalize your treatment plan and the number of sessions (many times simply 1-2 sessions) based on your needs and your surgeon’s protocol. Some therapy sessions may include the following:

  • Create and educate on a Home Exercise Program to include strengthening, range of motion, and balance activities necessary prior to surgery.
  • Discuss what to expect after surgery including mobility, range of motion, exercises and possible restrictions, and post-op therapy.
  • Review things you CAN do after surgery including exercises, movement and how to manage edema/swelling as well as how long recovery typically takes.
  • Complete fitting, adjustments and training of any assistive devices.
  • Educate on transfer training, gait training, and stair training with assistive devices as appropriate.
  • If a brace or sling will be required, you will be shown how to put it on and take it off (don/doff), how to safely walk, get dressed, perform self-care activities, and move around in bed (bed mobility) with the brace/sling.
  • Educate on safety recommendations for the home environment.

Physical Therapy BEFORE your surgery brings you peace of mind by preparing you mentally and physically. Contact Atlas Therapy today and scheduled your pre-op appointment.

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