Why Atlas

Private Treatment Rooms

Private treatment rooms & one-on-one therapy

Our patients receive personalized care exemplified with our private treatment rooms providing one-one-one therapy with every visit. This allows the discussion of ailments and the therapists to adjust the treatment session as necessary. It is not a cookie-cutter treatment plan but allows a personal, individualized session.

Hands-on manual therapy

Hands-on Manual Therapy

With manual techniques (hands-on muscle massage) the improvement in soft tissue and bone joint function, as well as range of motion, often happens more quickly. This coupled with traditional physical therapy such as strengthening, postural re-education, neuromuscular facilitation, and modalities often increase the speed of recovery with long-term benefits.

Expert therapy from head-to-toe

Expert Therapy From Head-to-Toe

Our clinic is staffed with expert therapists that have exceeded traditional PT training and have excelled in clinical practice. Although the inception of Atlas Therapy was for treatment of the head, neck and jaw regions -- we have since expanded our clinical offerings and treat all needs from head to toe.

Specialized in head, neck and jaw

Specialized in Head, Neck and Jaw

Atlas Therapy was founded on the specialization of treating the head, neck and jaw area. The complexity of these regions deserves treatment that goes above and beyond “traditional physical therapy”. Our staff has been recognized as industry experts:

  • Presented at continuing education events for the dental society and at the well-renowned Cleveland Clinic.
  • Continued education includes manual therapy training with special focus on cervical, myofascial and craniofacial techniques at the University of St. Augustine.
  • Training with Jeff Walter, PT, DPT, NCS at Geisinger Danville on Specialized Vestibular and BPPV treatment.

Personalized care from superior therapists and staff

Personalized Care From Superior Therapists and Staff

The staff at Atlas is different. From the front desk, to the treatment rooms, to the gym, to billing, you will see smiling, caring faces. Each team member is carefully selected to assure the mission and purpose of Atlas Therapy rings true with every person. We do more than treat, we listen.