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October 15, 2021


Foot fact: Each foot contains 26 bones with 14 of them in the toes and 33 joints. The soles of the feet contain more sweat glands and nerve endings per square inch than any other body part…hence..smelly feet.

Laughter truly is “the best medicine”: Laughing releases tension and increases the blood flow in the body, which provides the oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. Watch a comedy, read a joke book. Laugh away!

Chewing Gum Makes You More Alert: Coventry University researchers found that chewing mint flavored gum dramatically reduced feelings of tiredness. Another study on the subject found that chewing gum can improve overall test scores and memory by 35 per cent, relieve stress and reduce anxiety levels. Try a piece of gum to get you out of that mid-afternoon slump!

Posted in Stress on Oct 15, 2021