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Prostate Health

Welcome to Atlas Therapy’s Pre and Post Prostatectomy Program. This program is designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, allowing a faster recovery after surgery, and less time experiencing urinary incontinence.

The therapist will provide education, training, and exercises to create strong pelvic muscles to combat leakage of urine as you heal and become more active. You will learn how to isolate pelvic muscles and avoid the common misuse of other muscle groups, breath holding, and bearing down, which often weakens the pelvic floor and creates more incontinence.

You will learn guidelines for pelvic floor to include:


Common Errors!

  • Breath holding
  • Overdoing it

How many? How Often?

  • Quick Flicks
  • Long Holds


  • More is not better
  • Quality not quantity
  • When to exercise

This is a challenging journey, but physical therapy can help with a faster recovery. Schedule your appointment with Atlas (this service is only offered in our State College location at this time) or talk to your medical provider today! Thank you for choosing Atlas Therapy as a partner in your journey to better health.

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